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The new Compton camera incorporates high-accuracy, three-dimensional, gamma ray position measurement technology developed at Waseda University. Copyright : Waseda University
19 May 2015
Japanese researchers have significantly improved the performance of a gamma ray-imaging “Compton” camera. The new technology has potential applications in scientific research, medical treatment and environmental monitoring, as well as radioactive decontamination work.   Based on a high-sensitivity mobile gamma ray camera...
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Copyright : Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM), Nagoya University
14 May 2015
Japanese researchers are studying quail to understand the underlying mechanisms involved in their breeding behaviours. At Nagoya University and the National Institute of Basic Biology, researchers have found a brain receptor that helps to initiate quail breeding. Meanwhile, researchers at Waseda and...
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Skull of Eodelphinus kabatensis Copyright : Mizuki Murakami, (c)Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
13 April 2015
Japanese researchers have described the earliest species of a true dolphin in the known fossil record: the oldest Miocene delphinid fossil including a skull. Their research has huge implications for our understanding of dolphin evolution. It may be long dead, but a...
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Image: Sugano Laboratory, Waseda University
3 July 2014
Researchers in Japan are developing robots that have the ability to perform household tasks and provide emotional comfort for the elderly. With birth rates declining and populations aging in many developed countries, demand for eldercare is growing. One creative solution is to...
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Image of Khonsuemheb and his family. Image: Institute of Egyptology, Waseda University
30 June 2014
Japanese archaeologists from Waseda University have discovered a tomb that probably dates back more than 3000 years to the Ramesside Period of Ancient Egypt (c. 1292–1070 BC). The tomb’s owner was Khonsuemheb, chief brewer for the goddess Mut. Led by Professor Jiro...
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Image: Waseda University Research Institute for Advanced Network Technology
30 June 2014
Japan is starting to test demand-response (DR) control technology that will eventually allow the remote coordination and control of low-voltage electric equipment used in residential and business settings. When widely deployed, DR control technology will allow electricity suppliers to control the settings...
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This robotic system is designed to help surgeons insert a radio frequency ablation needle into a breast tumour as demonstrated on this goat. Image: Fujie Lab, Waseda University
27 June 2014
Japanese researchers are harnessing robotics technology to automate a safe and minimally invasive treatment for breast cancer. Researchers at Waseda University’s Fujie Lab, in cooperation with Kyushu University and Tohoku University, are building a robotic surgical assistant that uses radiofrequency ablation to...
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3D face recognition
12 June 2012
Researchers at Japan’s Waseda University have developed an incredible system that automatically, and near instantly, generates 3D face models from 2D images. Best of all, the system does not require any expensive equipment, just a webcam. The method is based on a...
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30 May 2012
The charming robot displayed in the Asia Research News banner is Waseda University’s humanoid robot, TWENDY-ONE. In the future, TWENDY-ONE will help the world’s increasingly ageing population.
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