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The dam’s frame consists of gabion cages: wire mesh baskets filled with sturdy columns of recycled concrete cylinders or rocks.
13 April 2015
Researchers in the Philippines are using green engineering to develop a low-cost dam that aims to prevent flooding, generate electricity, and help end food and water shortages. Designed by a team from the University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD), the “Gaia dam”...
Dr Guieb with the Dumaracol chanters. Image: Jenifer Lie
27 June 2014
Researchers from the Philippines are searching for the last chanters of an epic tale. Reconstructing the tale may help the researchers understand the local knowledge systems and cultural practices of one of the country’s oldest ethnic groups. The island province of Palawan,...
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Methyl blue is a toxic organic dye generally used for staining biological samples. Image: Wikipedia
26 June 2014
A new method to manufacture cloth involving the use of a common industrial bleaching agent promises an environmentally safe way for waste water filtration. Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is an odourless white powder used as an industrial and commercial bleaching agent for paint, paper,...
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6 March 2014
The Philippines underwent dramatic changes during the 1850s to the 1920s. Nationalism flourished and eventually erupted into a full-blown revolution that unyoked the Spanish rule in 1898. As the idea of nationalism progressed, Philippine society drifted towards secularisation. It was also at...
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Credit: Jorge Royan
4 March 2014
Scientists from the Philippines and Hong Kong have been studying how the human eye works in order to improve optic health. Our eyes work by way of a lens, mostly composed of protein and water, which projects the incoming light into the...
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3 March 2014
Researchers in the Philippines examine how to keep coco water safe and sweet without the pathogens. Coconut liquid endorsperm, or coco water, is known for its nutritional value and therapeutic use. It’s also an ideal breeding ground for harmful microorganisms such as...
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East wall of the old church of San Juan
19 February 2014
During the Spanish period, towns in the Philippines were planned in the manner decreed by Philip II of Spain. At the town’s centre were located important cultural and administration institutions such as the church, the convent, the plaza and the town’s municipal...
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Credit: Robert Knapp
23 January 2014
Research conducted at the University of the Philippines Diliman aims to uncover coffee heritage.     Coffee is world’s one of the most favourite drinks with an estimated two billion cups drunk every day, according to the International Coffee Organisation. The Philippines...
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12 July 2012
With supplies of fossil fuels rapidly dwindling, the pressure is on to develop renewable sources of energy. The sun is the primary energy source of all life in the planet, and many believe that solar power could be the ultimate carbon-neutral solution.
Children at school
13 June 2012
New research from the University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD) explores the wellbeing and satisfaction of indigenous Ayta families in Luzon, and highlights their concerns over access to healthcare and education.
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