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21 May 2015
Malaysia aims to protect 10% of its marine environment by 2020. Less than 1%, however, is currently protected. This may have dire consequences for the country’s endangered dugong population, warn a Malaysian scientist and her research team. In the shallow, warm, coastal...
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19 May 2015
Prisons are common settings for tuberculosis (TB) outbreaks, yet screening and prevention services can be extremely limited. As the spread of drug-resistant TB increases, understanding and monitoring levels of the disease among vulnerable populations can minimise the delay of much-needed treatment.  ...
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30 June 2014
Malaccan Portuguese Creole, spoken mainly by a small community in Malaysia, is getting a breath of life as researchers and community members archive this rapidly disappearing language. The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) estimates that if nothing is done,...
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Scanning electron microscope image of bacteria grown in palm oil mill effluent.
27 June 2014
Malaysian researchers are using palm oil mill effluent to grow bacteria, ultimately transforming the waste product into a food source for fish larvae. In countries that encourage palm oil cultivation, the discharge of palm oil mill effluent (POME) is often a serious...
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Artist's impression of the exhaust air-wind energy recovery turbine generator at the outlet of a cooling tower.
27 June 2014
Scientists at the University of Malaya have designed a micro-scale vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT), reminiscent of the stern wheel of an old-fashioned paddle boat, to generate clean electricity by harvesting some of the wind from powered air vents on buildings. Airflow that...
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