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Illustration showing the structure of the rhinovirus. Image:
2 July 2014
Malaysian researchers are investigating the epidemiology of severe viral respiratory infections in young children in hopes of developing rapid diagnostic tools to better control their transmission. Acute respiratory tract infection (ARI) is a major cause of death and disease around the world,...
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30 June 2014
Tarsiers and tree shrews are being studied to learn more about the effects of ambient temperature on body temperature under tropical conditions. Little is known about the thermal physiology of mammals in the hot and humid tropics. Earlier studies with tree shrews...
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seafood dish
24 July 2012
Scientists in Malaysia have identified a gene coding for the production of a harmful toxin in the marine dinoflagellate Alexandrium minutum. The toxin in question is responsible for ‘paralytic shellfish poisoning’ which causes toxicity and mortality for those eating contaminated shellfish.
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The Little bronze cuckoo is a common species found in mangroves
9 July 2012
A researcher from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) studies the diversity and structure of bird communities in the mangrove forests of Northern Australia in order to identify suitable conservation strategies.
Mobile phone
22 June 2012
Ericsson Malaysia’s Mobile Innovation Village model has passed a test of its feasibility and impact, which was carried out by researchers at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). The study found that mobile technology boosted well-being and empowerment among people living in a rural...
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Irrawaddy dolphin
14 June 2012
Researchers have found that the distribution patterns of Irrawaddy dolphins (Orcaella brevirostris) indicate a worrying outlook for their future.
Aedes aegypti mosquito biting human
11 June 2012
A new test uses the chikungunya virus’s (CHIKV) own protein to screen whether people have contracted the virus or not. Control of the disease, which can lead to brain disease and liver failure, will aid in reducing economic and social strains put...
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