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2 July 2014
In the absence of intervention, smoking will kill about 250 million current and future cigarette smokers who are alive today in China, India, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Recent tobacco tax increases in India and the Philippines could significantly lower smoking-related deaths in...
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2 July 2014
Canada’s North-South Institute is incubating a network of research organizations in Southeast Asia to help improve their capacity to provide relevant macroeconomic policy advice. The Southeast Asian Macroeconomic Network, which is expected to formally launch in 2014, is the first of its...
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National Electronics and Computer Technology Center
27 June 2014
A Thai research team has developed an app to help farmers estimate more accurately the amount of nitrogen-based fertilisers needed in rice fields. The app could help to reduce the cost of rice crops by cutting excess fertiliser usage, improve the recovery...
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14 August 2012
Women in Southeast Asia are at extremely high risk of cervical cancer. Only 38 per cent of women in Thailand and 2.2 per cent of women in Laos have undergone screening. To find out how to improve the situation and identify barriers...
The furniture manufacturing industry employs nearly 700 000 workers in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.
8 August 2012
Contrary to popular belief, migrant workers in the Southeast Asian furniture manufacturing industry are more productive and less accident prone than the local permanent workforce, according to new research.
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11 June 2012
In a number of recent Hollywood hit films, robots do all kinds of spectacular things, from battling it out in boxing rings to saving the world from alien invaders. Seagate Technology is helping university students in Thailand bring those futuristic visions a...
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The Earth seen from Apollo 17
10 May 2012
Jakarta, 10 May 2012— Countries in Asia and the Pacific are at a crossroads and must now strike a balance between rising prosperity and rising emissions.
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8 May 2012
It has been over a year since the Great East Japan Earthquake turned thousands of lives upside down,  and many months since heavy monsoon floods devastated Thailand. During that time research institutes in both countries have made remarkable efforts to join together...
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