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Silicon wafer during production. Copyright :
19 May 2015
A new process for cutting silicon wafers could streamline the production of smaller and more powerful microchips for electronic devices.   Electronic chips are built on small pieces of silicon that are cut from silicon sheets, called wafers, in a process known...
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In Chennai, India, researchers found data on the number and location of public toilets to be unreliable. Without good data, sanitation investments were not reaching vulnerable communities. Copyright : C/N N/G, flickr
19 May 2015
A research network is exploring how open data can help address specific challenges and bring about positive change in developing countries. Governments hold a wealth of highly valuable data, including birth and death registries, financial records, public infrastructure inventories and much more....
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Gastric cancer – the second deadliest cancer worldwide – has a particularly high prevalence among Asian populations. Copyright :
19 May 2015
Researchers in Singapore have developed an ultrasensitive method to detect micro-RNAs: tiny molecules that can indicate the presence of tumours. They are applying the technology toward a non-invasive screening test for gastric cancer. In 2012, 8.2 million lives were lost to cancer...
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The new Compton camera incorporates high-accuracy, three-dimensional, gamma ray position measurement technology developed at Waseda University. Copyright : Waseda University
19 May 2015
Japanese researchers have significantly improved the performance of a gamma ray-imaging “Compton” camera. The new technology has potential applications in scientific research, medical treatment and environmental monitoring, as well as radioactive decontamination work.   Based on a high-sensitivity mobile gamma ray camera...
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26 June 2014
Replacing a high-temperature processing technique with an infrared treatment allows the manufacture of tiny devices without damaging their polymer components. Microfluidic devices allow microelectronic engineers to shrink laboratories to the size of a computer chip. By ferrying reagents through a series of...
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Credit: Institute for Infocomm Research (12R)
28 January 2014
Singapore researchers have developed software that searches images on the internet to find suitable colour matches for grayscale images.  Creating a high-quality realistic colour image from a grayscale picture can be challenging. Conventional methods typically require the user’s input, either by using...
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Wear and tear in industrial machinery can be monitored using acoustic sensors. © Sinead Fenton
12 October 2012
Researchers at A*STAR’s Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) have developed acoustic sensors that can identify wear and tear in industrial machinery.
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Barnacles anchor themselves to rock and other surfaces.
16 July 2012
Researchers at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) in Singapore have found that engineering the texture of metal surfaces may help to eradicate the problem posed by barnacles in the shipping industry.
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Microtag embedded in a pig intestine
28 June 2012
A*STAR’s Institute of Microelectronics (IME) in Singapore is developing miniature devices that seek out and tag diseased cells in the gut. It is hoped that these ‘mini doctors’ will improve diagnostic capability and lead to more effective treatments for patients.
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U-STAR and its Members
27 June 2012
Speech Translation in 23 Languages will allow up to 5 users to chat simultaneously. International Research Consortium (U-STAR) with members from 23 Countries unveils a Speech Translation
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