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Electric plug
29 June 2012
The 2012 G20 Seoul Summit has addressed a number of global challenges. Among them, energy and climate change issues brought about one of the most heated discussions. It has indicated how dangerous the situation is for the current generation in terms of...
Irrawaddy dolphin
14 June 2012
Researchers have found that the distribution patterns of Irrawaddy dolphins (Orcaella brevirostris) indicate a worrying outlook for their future.
Combining forestry and agriculture
17 May 2012
A new project in the Philippines aims to empower communities by helping them use forest resources to build sustainable livelihoods.
3 May 2012
Scientists and farmers in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka are working together to increase production and consumption of small millets, pulses and oil seeds.
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The fibers and seed pod of Calotropis procesra. Commonly known as the "Apple of Sodom", this shrub can grow up to 5 m high. ©Victor Korniyenko (CC)
30 April 2012
The Apple of Sodom (Calotropis procera) plant is often regarded as a nuisance, but thanks to researchers in Saudi Arabia it could now be the source of a novel insulating material. ResearchSEA spoke to Dr Mohamed Ali from King Saud University at...
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