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High-fat diets and Type 2 diabetes go hand in hand
21 August 2012
Scientists in Japan and the US have uncovered a molecular mechanism that links diet and ‘Type 2’ diabetes. The work opens the way to new treatments for the condition.
Eye pigmentation in flies
15 August 2012
Most people don’t realise the extent of the biochemical and physiological changes that stress causes. Indeed, new research suggests that offspring might even be vulnerable to changes in gene expression brought on by chronic parental stress.
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Boron background
10 August 2012
At the RIKEN Advanced Science Institute, formation of a boron–boron covalent bond under laboratory conditions has opened up a new corner of chemistry.
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Chara australis has giant cells ideal for studying cell biology
6 August 2012
A research team at the RIKEN Plant Science Center have uncovered fundamental cell processes by studying 125 different metabolites within the giant cells of the freshwater algae Chara australis.
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Fluorescently labelled neurons
27 July 2012
At RIKEN’s Brain Science Institute a new reagent that turns brain tissue transparent is allowing neuroscientists to visualize neural circuitry at previously unattainable depths.
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26 July 2012
Researchers in Japan demonstrate a new protein binding approach for effectively promoting bone regeneration.
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Electron microscope image of a single stoma on the underside of a tomato leaf
20 July 2012
A gene that helps plants to conserve water has been identified at RIKEN’s Plant Science Center in Yokohama, Japan. The discovery could hold the key to developing drought tolerant crop varieties.
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26 June 2012
At RIKEN’s Plant Science Center scientists have discovered that a protein released by the potato blight pathogen P. infestans uses a sticky patch of amino acids to adhere to potato plant cells, thereby avoiding immune detection.
Hall effect
21 May 2012
The relativistic Hall effect describing objects rotating at speeds comparable with the speed of light has been reported by researchers
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embryonic pituitary gland
14 May 2012
RIKEN’s recent success in growing a functional pituitary gland from stem cells could advance regenerative medicine and pave the way for new therapies to treat hormonal disorders.
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