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The new Compton camera incorporates high-accuracy, three-dimensional, gamma ray position measurement technology developed at Waseda University. Copyright : Waseda University
19 May 2015
Japanese researchers have significantly improved the performance of a gamma ray-imaging “Compton” camera. The new technology has potential applications in scientific research, medical treatment and environmental monitoring, as well as radioactive decontamination work.   Based on a high-sensitivity mobile gamma ray camera...
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Figure 1: Daytime temperature map of Kowloon in 2009 (left) and projected daytime temperature map of Kowloon in 2039 (right)
31 July 2012
The temperature in the inner urban areas of Hong Kong is predicted to rise by two to three Celsius degree in 30 years’ time, according to the latest scientific study by researchers at the Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics (LSGI) of...
Liquid microjet
14 May 2012
Wandared Pokapanich, of Nakhon Phanom University in Thailand, has helped to develop a pioneering technique that explores liquids at the atomic level. Her discoveries have implications in wide-ranging fields, from atmospheric and climate science to biomedical research and clinical therapy.
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