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Gastric cancer – the second deadliest cancer worldwide – has a particularly high prevalence among Asian populations. Copyright :
19 May 2015
Researchers in Singapore have developed an ultrasensitive method to detect micro-RNAs: tiny molecules that can indicate the presence of tumours. They are applying the technology toward a non-invasive screening test for gastric cancer. In 2012, 8.2 million lives were lost to cancer...
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13 April 2015
Researchers in Singapore are gaining further insight into how the mechanical environment of cells drives fundamental cellular processes such as motility, growth and survival. These processes are integral to many clinical challenges, from cancer prognosis to wound healing and skin repair. Cells...
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Micrograph of the 100-channel neural recording integrated circuit chip. Image: Nanyang Technological University and A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics
3 July 2014
Neural recording systems are vital tools for acquiring and processing brain signals. Scientists at the A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics, Nanyang Technological University and the National University of Singapore have developed an integrated circuit chip that offers record-low power consumption for direct recording...
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