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In Chennai, India, researchers found data on the number and location of public toilets to be unreliable. Without good data, sanitation investments were not reaching vulnerable communities. Copyright : C/N N/G, flickr
19 May 2015
A research network is exploring how open data can help address specific challenges and bring about positive change in developing countries. Governments hold a wealth of highly valuable data, including birth and death registries, financial records, public infrastructure inventories and much more....
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About 85% of garment workers in Bangladesh are migrants from rural areas. Copyright : SANEM
19 May 2015
Research teams are examining Bangladesh’s rural-tourban transformation in order to help the country move beyond low-skill jobs toward a high-skill economy. Bangladesh has been a job creation success story in recent years as a booming garment industry provides work for large numbers...
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Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Image: Nugroho Nurdikiawan Sunjoyo/World Bank
3 July 2014
Research teams in Asia are using data drawn from firms to produce lessons for policymakers. The aim is to help middle-income countries support SMEs as a pathway to higher incomes and inclusive growth. In South Asia, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) account...
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Image: Colombo, Sri Lanka
27 June 2014
A study is comparing the experiences of internally displaced populations in Sri Lanka and India. How are they rebuilding their lives and what can governments do to promote security and protect livelihoods? Ethnic conflict, natural disaster and changes in land ownership are...
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Coastal town of Gopalpur, Odisha on 13 October, 2013, in the aftermath of Cyclone Phailin. Image: ADRA India/ EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection
26 June 2014
Authorities, environmentalists and local stakeholders are working together on India’s east coast to assess the area’s biophysical and social vulnerabilities to climate change. This is helping them develop proactive adaptation strategies to protect the area and those who live in it from...
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Image: Eric Parker/flickr
26 June 2014
A review of  maternal deaths in India’s Koppal district reveals that pervasive community gender bias contributes to avoidable deaths. Researchers are developing assessment tools for frontline healthcare workers to improve care for women. Because of their low social status, girls and women...
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Bangkok, 2011      Image by Philip Roeland/flickr
18 March 2014
Megacities grapple with rapid population growth and a host of economic, social, and health challenges. An international team is looking for solutions that will help large coastal and river-delta cities cope with the risks posed by a changing climate, including sea-level rise...
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Credit: Abdul Majeed Goraya/IRIN/flickr
22 January 2014
The July 2010 flooding of the Indus River Basin in Pakistan was one of the most devastating natural disasters in recorded history. Now, researchers are working with communities to help reduce their vulnerability to future extreme weather events. The unusually heavy monsoon...
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The aftermath of the tsunami
3 July 2012
From setting compensation for victims of oil spills to determining the storm-protection value of mangrove forests, environmental economics networks in Asia support research that makes the connections between economic growth, poverty, and
Water image
25 June 2012
Water is scarce for residents on the edge of South Asia’s rapidly expanding cities. Research teams across the subcontinent are working with communities to secure their access to this vital resource as cities grow and climate changes.
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