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Figure 1: Gene therapy using an Adenovirus vector
22 January 2014
In 2008, an estimated 12.7 million new cases of cancer occurred worldwide according to Cancer Research UK. In women breast cancer accounts for almost a quarter of these; in men lung cancer is most common. The challenge for medical professionals is finding...
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21 October 2013
Professor Jie-Hyun Lim, the director of the Research Institute of Comparative History and Culture at Hanyang University believes that nationalism is an act of treason and it only limits the capacity of imagination.
Younkyoo Kim, Head of the Institute for Energy Governance and Security.© Hanyang University
19 October 2012
Interview with Prof. Younkyoo Kim, Director of Hanyang University’s Institute for Energy Governance and Security. The institute specialises in Asia’s role in the global energy governance and energy security.
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A detail photo of a Google Glass prototype seen at Google I/O in June of 2012 © Creative Commons Antonio Zugaldia
11 October 2012
An interview with Prof. Kwon of Hanyang University who leads research developments in five major electronics fields.
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Yoon has created PDPP which overcomes the limitations of antibodies © Hanyang University
28 September 2012
Interview with Prof. Yoon of Hanyang University who discovered an innovative method for detecting anthrax.
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Electric plug
29 June 2012
The 2012 G20 Seoul Summit has addressed a number of global challenges. Among them, energy and climate change issues brought about one of the most heated discussions. It has indicated how dangerous the situation is for the current generation in terms of...
Haiwon Lee
11 May 2012
Hanyang University of Korea and RIKEN of Japan, in cooperation with other Asian universities and research institutes, are launching the Asian Research Network (ARN) which aims to strengthen research and educational cooperation across Asia.
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