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Credit: Robert Knapp
23 January 2014
Research conducted at the University of the Philippines Diliman aims to uncover coffee heritage.     Coffee is world’s one of the most favourite drinks with an estimated two billion cups drunk every day, according to the International Coffee Organisation. The Philippines...
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Fibres that bind - Bombyx_mori_001 - by Lilly M - httpcommons.wikimedia.orgwikiFileBombyx_mori_001.JPG
7 January 2014
Weaving together genetics, materials and tissue engineering is beginning to show promise in the fabrication of scaffolds that could be useful in implants, the release of drugs directly to their targets, and in wound healing. Researchers from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University...
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Eye pigmentation in flies
15 August 2012
Most people don’t realise the extent of the biochemical and physiological changes that stress causes. Indeed, new research suggests that offspring might even be vulnerable to changes in gene expression brought on by chronic parental stress.
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seafood dish
24 July 2012
Scientists in Malaysia have identified a gene coding for the production of a harmful toxin in the marine dinoflagellate Alexandrium minutum. The toxin in question is responsible for ‘paralytic shellfish poisoning’ which causes toxicity and mortality for those eating contaminated shellfish.
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26 June 2012
At RIKEN’s Plant Science Center scientists have discovered that a protein released by the potato blight pathogen P. infestans uses a sticky patch of amino acids to adhere to potato plant cells, thereby avoiding immune detection.
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