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Coastal town of Gopalpur, Odisha on 13 October, 2013, in the aftermath of Cyclone Phailin. Image: ADRA India/ EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection
26 June 2014
Authorities, environmentalists and local stakeholders are working together on India’s east coast to assess the area’s biophysical and social vulnerabilities to climate change. This is helping them develop proactive adaptation strategies to protect the area and those who live in it from...
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Image: Wikimedia
26 June 2014
Hong Kong is a unique city due to its complex geographical setting and its concentration of very high buildings. Researchers are taking advantage of this fact to study how cities are ventilated in order to provide guidelines for future city design. The...
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Bangkok, 2011      Image by Philip Roeland/flickr
18 March 2014
Megacities grapple with rapid population growth and a host of economic, social, and health challenges. An international team is looking for solutions that will help large coastal and river-delta cities cope with the risks posed by a changing climate, including sea-level rise...
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Helicopter flies over Sendai       Credit: U.S. Navy photo
4 March 2014
Researchers in Japan have developed a way to detect caesium contamination on a scale of millimetres enabling the detection of small areas of radioactive contamination. Radioactive leaks, such as at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan, contaminate the local environment. Contamination...
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Credit: Kalai
23 January 2014
Effectively dealing with waste is one of the great challenges of the 21st Century.     Wastewater containing oil can have a detrimental impact on aquatic ecosystems and cause problems at wastewater treatment plants as it can only be separated with the...
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The aftermath of the tsunami
3 July 2012
From setting compensation for victims of oil spills to determining the storm-protection value of mangrove forests, environmental economics networks in Asia support research that makes the connections between economic growth, poverty, and
Electric plug
29 June 2012
The 2012 G20 Seoul Summit has addressed a number of global challenges. Among them, energy and climate change issues brought about one of the most heated discussions. It has indicated how dangerous the situation is for the current generation in terms of...
sand dunes
15 May 2012
Scientists at Thailand’s Nakhon Phanom University and New Zealand’s University of Otago are helping coastline management in New Zealand with research investigating wind flow over sand dunes.
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8 May 2012
Coral reefs are some of the world’s most threatened ecosystems, with studies warning that if current trends continue, the world’s reefs could be gone by 2030.
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8 May 2012
It has been over a year since the Great East Japan Earthquake turned thousands of lives upside down,  and many months since heavy monsoon floods devastated Thailand. During that time research institutes in both countries have made remarkable efforts to join together...
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