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Image: University of Malaysia
2 July 2014
Ocean waves provide concentrated, abundant, inexhaustible and non-polluting renewable energy, but Malaysia’s coastal waves hold only half the power considered viable for competitive electrical generation. Now, a research team, headed by Norhafizan Ahmad of the University of Malaya, has found a practical...
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Artist's impression of the exhaust air-wind energy recovery turbine generator at the outlet of a cooling tower.
27 June 2014
Scientists at the University of Malaya have designed a micro-scale vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT), reminiscent of the stern wheel of an old-fashioned paddle boat, to generate clean electricity by harvesting some of the wind from powered air vents on buildings. Airflow that...
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Younkyoo Kim, Head of the Institute for Energy Governance and Security.© Hanyang University
19 October 2012
Interview with Prof. Younkyoo Kim, Director of Hanyang University’s Institute for Energy Governance and Security. The institute specialises in Asia’s role in the global energy governance and energy security.
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12 July 2012
With supplies of fossil fuels rapidly dwindling, the pressure is on to develop renewable sources of energy. The sun is the primary energy source of all life in the planet, and many believe that solar power could be the ultimate carbon-neutral solution.
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29 June 2012
The 2012 G20 Seoul Summit has addressed a number of global challenges. Among them, energy and climate change issues brought about one of the most heated discussions. It has indicated how dangerous the situation is for the current generation in terms of...
11 June 2012
Metallic alloys containing thin, interconnected ‘snowflakes’ enhance the efficiency and safety of rechargeable batteries.
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