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30 June 2014
A new type of non-volatile computer memory that can withstand higher temperatures has been developed at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). This makes it useful for computers capable of managing systems in what are known as harsh environments, such...
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Kids learning computers at school.
19 May 2013
Citizens in remote rural areas in 11 Asian countries are leaping over language barriers and into the Internet age. They may now access government services online, and submit college applications without making an arduous trek to the city. And their children are...
mobile camera
2 July 2012
A new application for mobile phones which identifies places and objects from photographs is set to create an array of new marketing opportunities.
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3D face recognition
12 June 2012
Researchers at Japan’s Waseda University have developed an incredible system that automatically, and near instantly, generates 3D face models from 2D images. Best of all, the system does not require any expensive equipment, just a webcam. The method is based on a...
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sorting cells image
14 May 2012
The ability to separate cells according to size and shape is extremely useful. One popular method involves the use of ‘micropillars’ which act as a kind of sieve for cells.
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data centre
14 May 2012
A new three-year research programme at the Data Storage Institute in Singapore aims to develop nextgeneration storage system technologies for data centres of the future.
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