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21 May 2015
An understanding of natural immune suppression mechanisms in the female reproductive tract could lead to new ways to combat cancer. Just after menstruation, the immune response of the female genital tract is “up and running” to stave off sexually transmitted infections. A...
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Image: Universiti Putra Malaysia
2 July 2014
A team of international researchers in Malaysia is developing a portable biosensor to detect and ultimately help prevent the spread of the most devastating disease that infects oil palm trees. The proposed biosensor is designed to identify the fungus Ganoderma boninense, which...
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Scanning electron microscope image of bacteria grown in palm oil mill effluent.
27 June 2014
Malaysian researchers are using palm oil mill effluent to grow bacteria, ultimately transforming the waste product into a food source for fish larvae. In countries that encourage palm oil cultivation, the discharge of palm oil mill effluent (POME) is often a serious...
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Fluorescently labelled neurons
27 July 2012
At RIKEN’s Brain Science Institute a new reagent that turns brain tissue transparent is allowing neuroscientists to visualize neural circuitry at previously unattainable depths.
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The new labels can be used for whole body or in vitro cell bioimaging.
25 July 2012
Next-generation fluorescent labelling agents are being developed from nanomaterials by scientists at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
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sorting cells image
14 May 2012
The ability to separate cells according to size and shape is extremely useful. One popular method involves the use of ‘micropillars’ which act as a kind of sieve for cells.
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