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About 85% of garment workers in Bangladesh are migrants from rural areas. Copyright : SANEM
19 May 2015
Research teams are examining Bangladesh’s rural-tourban transformation in order to help the country move beyond low-skill jobs toward a high-skill economy. Bangladesh has been a job creation success story in recent years as a booming garment industry provides work for large numbers...
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Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Image: Nugroho Nurdikiawan Sunjoyo/World Bank
3 July 2014
Research teams in Asia are using data drawn from firms to produce lessons for policymakers. The aim is to help middle-income countries support SMEs as a pathway to higher incomes and inclusive growth. In South Asia, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) account...
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This map depicts the migration of Asian women around the world, in response to growing demand for ccaregivers. ©Fulton Design 2014
26 June 2014
Researchers in North America and the Asia-Pacific region are exploring how the reorganization of domestic care work around the world is influencing migration patterns and how migration, in turn, is influencing social welfare and care. Professor Ito Peng of the University of...
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14 August 2012
Women in Southeast Asia are at extremely high risk of cervical cancer. Only 38 per cent of women in Thailand and 2.2 per cent of women in Laos have undergone screening. To find out how to improve the situation and identify barriers...
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25 June 2012
Water is scarce for residents on the edge of South Asia’s rapidly expanding cities. Research teams across the subcontinent are working with communities to secure their access to this vital resource as cities grow and climate changes.
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14 June 2012
Global air travel continues to increase year upon year. It has been estimated that over 30,000 new passenger jetliners and freighters could be in operation worldwide by 2025. The aircraft fleet in Asia alone is expected to triple over the same period....
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education picture
17 May 2012
Recently, I wrote a column discussing the challenges and opportunities associated with the creation of new higher-education institutions,
Haiwon Lee
11 May 2012
Hanyang University of Korea and RIKEN of Japan, in cooperation with other Asian universities and research institutes, are launching the Asian Research Network (ARN) which aims to strengthen research and educational cooperation across Asia.
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The Earth seen from Apollo 17
10 May 2012
Jakarta, 10 May 2012— Countries in Asia and the Pacific are at a crossroads and must now strike a balance between rising prosperity and rising emissions.
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