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A detail photo of a Google Glass prototype seen at Google I/O in June of 2012 © Creative Commons Antonio Zugaldia
11 October 2012
An interview with Prof. Kwon of Hanyang University who leads research developments in five major electronics fields.
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© KajiFox
6 September 2012
Genetic studies of Myotis muricola, otherwise known as the Wall-roosting Mouse-eared bat or Nepalese Whiskered Myotis , suggest that it consists of not one, but two distinct species.
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14 August 2012
Women in Southeast Asia are at extremely high risk of cervical cancer. Only 38 per cent of women in Thailand and 2.2 per cent of women in Laos have undergone screening. To find out how to improve the situation and identify barriers...
One-full-day observation image of the Earth by the AMSR2
4 July 2012
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has released some observation images on the Earth acquired by the Global Change Observation Mission 1st – Water “SHIZUKU” (GCOM-W1).
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A caricature of the current regime in the Philippines
2 July 2012
How do artists become political prisoners? A new project in the Philippines examines how art has been used as a political weapon throughout the course of history.
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Planted rice in paddy field
1 June 2012
Dr.Yasunobu Funakoshi, Project Leader of the Technology Licensing Organization at the Tokyo University of Science, recently sent ResearchSEA these wonderful pictures of the Japanese rice planting festival.
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