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The activation maps of the two contrasts (hot color: mammal > tool ; cool color: tool > mammal) computed from the 10 datasets of our participants.
5 October 2012
Tokyo Institute of Technology researchers use fMRI datasets to train a computer to predict the semantic category of an image originally viewed by five different people.
26 July 2012
Researchers in Japan demonstrate a new protein binding approach for effectively promoting bone regeneration.
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Swumanoid in action
12 June 2012
Tokyo Tech ‘swumanoid’ may find applications in enhancing the performance of competitive swimmers and streamlining swimsuits.
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5 June 2012
Research at the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) in Japan has provided a detailed insight into the mechanisms of heat generation in magnetic nanoparticles that could be used to kill cancerous cells.
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periodic striped patterns
1 June 2012
Tokyo Tech’s Toshiyuki Ikoma and Junzo Tanaka have developed technology for producing artificial bones from fish scales and apatite.
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Hall effect
21 May 2012
The relativistic Hall effect describing objects rotating at speeds comparable with the speed of light has been reported by researchers
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